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3 Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Implants

Chances are if you have missing teeth, you’ve been looking at getting into dental implants. The advantages of implants over conventional alternatives – like bridges or partial dentures – are significantly different than more traditional procedures.

But even if you’re not sold on the idea of these permanent new “teeth,” these other advantages of Long Island dental implants might be reason enough to consider getting one.

Repairing Your Smile

The most common and obvious reason to get a dental implant is to restore your smile.  For whatever reason, you’ve lost a front tooth and would like to get it replaced.  If it’s the only one that’s missing, then you may not want a removable prosthesis like a partial or flipper. A dental bridge is another option for restoring your smile, but this would require unnecessary work to be done on your adjacent teeth.

In this case, a dental implant with our Suffolk County dentists may be the best treatment option.  Implants especially, are a great way to replace front teeth. They’re permanent, fixed, that don’t affect the teeth around them.

Prevent Your Bite from Shifting

Maybe it’s a back molar that you’ve lost.  You may not be as concerned with this as you would losing a front tooth.  But this is where the functional aspect of implants come in.  Sure, they look pretty in the front, but did you know that losing a back tooth comes with a list of other issues that can develop?

Having a space from a lost tooth will cause the others to shift. Even the loss of one can result in a gapped smile, crooked, or slanted teeth.  And yes, losing a back tooth can affect the way your front teeth move.  Movement occurs all around.  Your bite can become misaligned and it may even be hard to chew. In this compromised state, you’ll begin to suffer from jaw joint (TMJ) pain. 

Slanted teeth tend to develop more plaque and tartar buildup and are harder to clean.  There are some angles even your toothbrush can’t maneuver!  If they don’t get cleaned properly, they’ll start to develop gum disease and decay.  Then you’re faced with getting more dental work done and possibly losing more teeth.

Securing Your Dentures

Some of our Long Island dental patients suffer from a shallow bone ridge. This causes difficulty while wearing a denture. It’s most common on the lower jaw. With not much jaw to adhere to, the denture moves around constantly, causing sores.  These prosthetics can be so loose that they even come out when eating or talking!

Dental implants with our Suffolk County dentists can be a life-changing experience for denture wearers!  They allow for the appliance to snap into place over the posts, allowing it to sit securely fastened all day long.

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