Invisalign Dentist in Long Island

Invisalign clear braces on Long Island, NY for kids, teens and adults

Invisalign braces allow our Suffolk County patients and their families to enjoy healthier, straighter smiles without having to wear traditional orthodontics. At Sachem Dental Group, we offer comprehensive Invisalign treatments with no referrals necessary. Everything is completed right here at our office in Long Island!

How Invisalign Works

Instead of using brackets and wires, Invisalign repositions your teeth with strategically designed clear aligners.

Each translucent set of trays snaps over your teeth, gently nudging them into alignment. The pressure is less than what you would feel with metal braces, because the aligners are changed out every two weeks (as opposed to being adjusted by an orthodontist once per month.)

You’ll bring your clear orthodontics home with you, changing the aligners out as directed. As you do, your teeth move straighter and straighter, until the overall treatment is complete.

Invisalign is so successful, because the entire process is mapped out electronically before your treatment starts. At the time of your consultation, we’ll take a digital scan of your mouth and convert it to a virtual model inside of our software. Invisalign labs uses that information to digitally plan out each movement necessary, even sometimes allowing you to preview your final results before treatment starts.

Advantages of Invisalign Braces

There’s more to Invisalign advantages than just having straighter looking teeth and getting to wear clear braces. If you’re still on the fence about investing in Invisalign, here are a few other reasons to consider:

Eat whatever you want — People that wear braces have to be careful about what they eat. Chewing food that’s crunchy, hard, or sticky is all that it takes to pop a bracket off or bend an orthodontic wire out of place. Invisalign eliminates all of those problems, because they’re made to remove during meals. Just take them out and store them carefully, enjoy what’s on your plate, rinse your mouth, and then put them back in!

Lower your risk of cavities and improve your gum health — Crowded, crooked teeth tend to be the first ones to develop problems like cavities and periodontal disease. Even if you clean them well each day, they generally tend to harbor a larger amount of plaque biofilm and acid than teeth that are straight. As a result, they suffer more. By aligning your teeth, you’ll have an easier time cleaning them and keeping them healthy for the rest of your life.

Prevent tooth wear, headaches, and TMJ disorder — Misaligned teeth cause your jaws to wear together abnormally. This can cause specific teeth to start wearing down, fracturing, or break the restorations on top of them. To compromise, your jaw may shift slightly out of place to help you chew more effectively. Gradually, that abnormal wear and function will start to strain the muscles and joints around your jaws, causing symptoms like headaches, popping, clicking, TMJ disorders, or ear aches.

Improve your self-confidence — Are you getting married soon, applying for a promotion, or just embarrassed when it’s time to pose in photographs with friends? Finally having straighter teeth can help you look your best and give you the freedom to make a great impression during everyday social situations.

Less time at the dentist’s office — Since you take your aligners home with you, you won’t have to make as many trips to our office to have your Invisalign treatment monitored. We’ll see you for a quick check every 6-8 weeks (or longer) to make sure things are progressing properly. You’ll also bring home several more trays, to change them out every two weeks. As such, they’re perfect for busy parents and working adults.

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Cost of Invisalign

There’s a general perception that Invisalign is expensive compared to traditional braces. Because the technology has improved so much, that’s no longer the case.

Does insurance pay for Invisalign? If you have coverage for orthodontics through your carrier, then yes. Just like regular braces, Invisalign trays can be applied to your annual or lifetime dental benefits.

At your consultation, we’ll be able to tell about how long you need to wear Invisalign, if any adjunctive treatments are needed, break down your estimated insurance coverage, and give you an itemized quote on your case.

In most situations, Invisalign only costs slightly more than or about the same amount as metal braces.

The Overall Treatment Timeframe for Invisalign

Any orthodontic system will vary in treatment time, depending on the patient and what needs to be achieved.

Accelerated ortho, like short term braces and cosmetic Invisalign treatments can work to straighten only the teeth at the front of your mouth. As such, it may only take about six months before you see the full results.

Comprehensive bite alignment takes a bit more time, usually 12-18 months, because it has to straighten all of the teeth in the mouth, not just the front ones. If significant misalignment or a bite discrepancy in the back teeth is a concern, this is the better choice. In most cases, we can give you an accurate time estimate during your consultation.

Who is Invisalign Made For?

Originally, Invisalign was made for adults that had worn braces before, but experienced relapse. Two decades later, Invisalign technology is so advanced that it can be used as a comprehensive treatment for adults and teens.

Invisalign Teen designs mimic classic Invisalign, but are designed for younger patients that may need help remembering to wear their aligners or tend to misplace one now and then. If your teen has a fully developed set of teeth and is mature enough to keep up with the home care necessary, then Invisalign might be right for them.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Invisalign, book a complimentary consultation at Sachem Dental Group in Suffolk County. Our multi-specialty general dentists will discuss your unique situation and determine if Invisalign is right for you, along with how long the treatment will take and the costs involved. You’ll have everything you need to make an informed choice about your smile’s care!

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