An orthodontist’s job is to achieve a Healthy and Beautiful Smile for you or your child.

Ways to shorten treatment time regardless of what type of appliances you wear

1. Keep your teeth, braces and appliances clean
2. Don’t break appliances
3. Keep your appointments
4. Wear all appliances and elastics as instructed
5. See your General Dentist for cleaning and check up every 6 months
6. Preventing Problems with your braces

Preventing Problems with your braces

1. Avoid sugary, chewy, crunchy, sticky and hard foods/candies
2. Avoid soda
3. No chewing on ice, pens and pencils
4. No picking at your braces with your fingers
5. Wear a mouth guard while playing sports
6. Emergency Care for braces

Soreness- may last 3 to 5 days after appointment. Will improve. Recommend to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen as prescribed.
If a brace is broken or wire is long but doesn’t bother you leave it alone and call the office to inform us.
Wire poking- place wax or cotton on end of wire. If that doesn’t help, you can cut wire with a nail or cuticle cutter. Place a 2 by 2 gauze on the wire that is poking and then cut the wire. The gauze will prevent the poking wire from flying into the tissue or being swallowed.

Broken braces- place wax on both sides of the broken brace to help keep it from moving or remove it with a tweezer. Use the tweezer to remove the color tie and slide the brace off.

Loose bands- leave alone and call the office. If the band came out, save it and call office immediately to recement.
If something is broken or loose, please call the office to inform us. We may need to change the next appointment.

Retainer Care

Wear retainers as instructed otherwise your teeth will move.
If your retainer is lost, broken or feels different call the office to schedule an appointment ASAP.
Your retainers should either be in your mouth or in the retainer case.


Don’t place retainers in your pockets, they can be broken.
Keep retainers away from pets. They love to chew on them.
Clean your retainers by brushing them with your toothbrush and toothpaste.
Can also use denture cleansing tablets.
Never place retainers in dishwasher or boiling water.
Don’t soak retainers in mouthwash.
Take good care of your retainers: there is a charge for lost or broken ones.

Retainers over time can wear out. Replacing worn out retainers is recommended to protect your teeth and smile.

Rule of thumb for length of retainer wear in this office.

Children, generally will wear them full time except for eating and sports for a period of 3 to 6 months, then they will wear them every night until 17 or 18 years of age.

That is when third molars are decided upon. Retainers are than recommended to be worn as check appliances indefinitely to maintain long-term stability of your teeth.

Adults, wear retainers full time except for eating or sports for a period of 6 months than nights indefinitely.