Whitening is a procedure that brightens teeth that have become discolored, stained or darkened. At Sachem Dental Group we offer two types of whitening procedures which can also be employed in conjunction with each other.

Tray Whitening

– Custom made trays that hold whitening gel are worn to lighten your teeth. The duration will vary according to your needs and the dentist’s recommendation.

ZOOM! II Whitening System

– The ZOOM! Chairside whitening system is a safe, effective and fast way to brighten your teeth in a single office visit. The ZOOM! procedure is much more convenient than wearing trays or strips, making it a great choice for our busy patients.

ZOOM! is done in the office during one visit of an hour or two. At your appointment we apply a gentle, hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to your teeth. The gel is then exposed to a high intensity light. After the treatment, your teeth will be up to 6 – 10 shades whiter.