Family dentistry means convenient, flexible, attentive oral care for everyone in your home.


At Sachem Dental Group, we have a lengthy history of serving Long Island families. Over 35 years, in fact! 

As a multi-specialty dental clinic, we make it easier to bring everyone in your household to the same dentist. Here, you’ll have access to comprehensive family, preventative, restorative, and specialized dental care. Whether you’re just keeping up with routine checkups or your child is in the middle of a dental emergency, your family’s health and comfort are always in our best interest. 

Our Suffolk County dentists care for patients of all generations, ranging from active seniors to boisterous toddlers. Once you see us, there’s no need to go anywhere else!


Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist? 

Some parents choose to bring their children to pediatric dental offices across Suffolk County. But when you choose a family dentist, everyone can go to the same dentist as your child. Our family dentists and specialized dental services provide resources that are also found in local pedodontic offices. 

Plus, we’re great with kids! If your child feels anxious or needs treatment that isn’t typically provided in a family dental office, our multi-specialty team is here for added support. We won’t have to refer you to someone you don’t know (which can in turn, affect your child’s anxiety level.) 

Seeing a family dentist allows your child to get all of the same pediatric services they need under the same roof as the rest of their family. Including treatment like:

  • Early orthodontic evaluations
  • Emergency treatments
  • Children’s fillings
  • Pediatric dental crowns
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Checkups and cleanings
  • Preventative sealants
  • Sports mouthguards

In short, your child doesn’t necessarily have to see a pediatric dentist in Long Island if you don’t have extenuating circumstances. Rather, Sachem Dental Group’s multi-specialty team can see all of your children during one family trip to the dentist’s office. 


Senior Dental Care in Long Island

As we mature, our oral health needs change. From the anatomy of our bone and facial profiles to managing tooth wear and loss, the dental concerns of seniors are quite different than that of the rest of your family. 

Family dentists like the ones at Sachem Dental Group spend years getting to know our patients and their oral health needs. Why should that have to change when you retire? Our Suffolk County office provides a wide range of geriatric dentistry services, such as:

Missing Tooth Replacement — Your teeth have been with you for the long haul, but if one or two of them need to be extracted, you need a tooth replacement option that’s both functional and aesthetic. Our Long Island dentists offer services like dental implants, fixed dental bridges, and implant supported/stabilized denture options so that you can keep smiling and enjoying your favorite foods. 

Dentures and Partials — One of the most efficient and affordable ways to replace all of your missing teeth at one time is with a custom denture. Full dentures cover your entire (upper or lower) arch. Partials, however, clip into place around your existing teeth so that you don’t need to have any healthy ones extracted. 

Gum Treatments — Gum recession and periodontal disease are just a couple of issues that affect seniors. Receding gumlines can put your teeth at an increased risk of tooth decay, especially if you’re on medications that cause dry mouth. With therapeutic gum treatments and supplemental fluoride, we can help you care for your smile so that it stays healthy for the rest of your life.

Emergency Care — With time, even your healthy tooth enamel can start to wear out. Biting down on the wrong thing may mean having a tooth or old filling break when you least expect it. Fortunately, we’re here to provide fast emergency dentistry for seniors, including denture repairs!


Dentistry for People with Special Needs

As your family dentists, we’re your partners in oral health. But as most people know, there can be situations where chronic health concerns or special needs require unique accommodations when it comes to dental care. It’s our responsibility to help your family access the resources you need to care for the loved ones in your family. 

Some of the instances when you might need a family dentist with special needs experience and training include cases involving:

  • Juvenile diabetes
  • Down syndrome
  • Epilepsy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Autism
  • Behavioral disorders and emotional disturbances

When caring for dental special needs patients, it’s important for us to work closely with families and medical provides to ensure the patient’s safety at all times. This may involve things like medication management, special forms of sedation, or altering the way we schedule appointments in order to have the least impact on your family member’s usual routine. 


With You for a Lifetime

It’s not uncommon for our Long Island dentists to start seeing patients at a young age, have them grow up with us, and then come back one day with a family of their own. We’ve been in the Suffolk County area for over three decades, so there are already several multi-generational families who entrust us with their smiles. 

When you’re a part of the Sachem Dental Group family, you know that we have your smile’s future in our best interest. By carefully monitoring your oral health from one visit to the next, our family dentists are able to intervene when needed, so that minor issues don’t become complex problems down the road. 

But when you do need specialized care, we’re still here to help. As a multi-specialty clinic, we make it easy for your family to get all of the services required without extra referrals. Instead of sending you to a separate clinic for something like a wisdom tooth extraction or root canal, we’re able to make those resources available to your family here. 


Call Our Family Dentists Today

Families, seniors, and parents looking for a pediatric dentist are encouraged to call the experienced family dentists at Sachem Dental Group. Our flexible scheduling options and team of providers make it easier than ever to access customized, quality dental care at every stage of life.