Prettau® Zirconia is the most durable, color-perfect, stain-resistant dental material available, and Teeth Tomorrow™ Long Island is the best full-arch replacement provider in Long Island offering this alternative to chipping, cracking, breaking and other dental challenges. Our specially-trained Teeth Tomorrow™ team is perfecting the use of the Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge in order to improve both smiles and your quality of life.

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Your Teeth TomorrowTM journey begins and ends right here in our comfortable offices – there is no need to worry about being referred to different providers. Our dedicated team, coupled with advanced technology and private surgical suites, is able to deliver excellent results without sacrificing patient safety and comfort. We are the providers of your tomorrow. Drawing on years of experience and successful cases, you can rest assured that you are getting the best dental product and treatment available.

In addition, there are no surprise fees or inclusions. Your comprehensive Teeth Tomorrow™ treatment solution includes extractions, bone grafts, sedation, the implants themselves, temporary restorations, and CAT scans.

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Missing a full arch of teeth feels devastating . . . your smile is not as good as you know it can be. While dentures may be the first treatment option that comes to mind, there is a new alternative that can complete your smile while simultaneously eliminating your worries about chipping, fractures, stains, and loss of comfort.

Teeth Tomorrow™ uses the most durable and stain-resistant dental device technology on the market today, the Prettau®Zirconia Bridge.

Patients’ lives have improved because of Prettau® Implant Bridge full-arch replacements, and Teeth Tomorrow™ wants to share those benefits and advantages with you.

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