Three Options Sachem Dental Offers To Whiten Your Teeth

Long Island Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening, sometimes called tooth bleaching, is now a common procedure offered in most dental offices. Sachem Dental is one of Long Island’s leading Zoom Teeth Whitening providers in Suffolk County. Zoom Whitening is the acceleration of the whitening process using ultraviolet light. The Zoom Whitening procedure takes about 90 minutes […]

Why You Should See A Dental Hygienist Twice A Year

Why Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned Twice a Year? You might be wondering why your dentist recommends seeing a dental hygienist twice a year. The reason this is absolutely necessary is because plaque needs to be removed from the mouth consistently twice a year. If left uncleaned for more than six months it begins […]

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush

How Often Should You Change Your Tooth Brush? If you keep using the same toothbrush for months on end you are not doing your oral health a favor. It is quite normal for a toothbrush to be saturated with germs and bacteria after even one use. Usually these micro-organisms are not a big threat to […]