Do I Have a Dental Abscess? 6 Symptoms You Might Have a Dental Abscess

6 Dental Abscess Symptoms to Watch For   Is it a Dental Abscess? Dental infections can be very serious; their bacterial infections can spread into your bloodstream, leading to a number of other health problems. Antibiotics alone will not cure an infection such as a dental abscess. Rather, you will need to see a dentist […]

Why Should You Replace a Missing Tooth

Why Should You Replace a Missing Tooth? Sometimes we’re faced with tough decisions dealing with our mouth and teeth. At Sachem Dental Group we pride ourselves on educating our patients so that they can make the right decisions concerning their oral health; we’re here to address any concerns that you may have! One such concern […]

Dry Mouth Treatment

Dry Mouth Causes and Treatment Saliva keeps our mouth lubricated, maintain a stable pH level, and flush away food particles. If the glands that produce the saliva are not working properly or making enough, then our mouths become dry. This condition is called xerostomia, or dry mouth. It can be a difficult problem to deal […]

Types of Dental X-Rays and Why They Are Important

Four Types of Dental X-Rays and Why They Are Important Sometimes our patients question the need for getting a dental x-ray. Your teeth may look fine and not hurt. However, this is not to say that there is no decay or infection present. Sachem Dental is a multi-specialty practice in Suffolk County. Since we provide […]

Understanding the Risks of Gum Disease

Understanding the Risks of Gum Disease Periodontal disease More commonly referred to as “gum disease” — is an infectious condition that causes loss of bone and gum support around the teeth. As you might guess, destruction of these supportive tissues can lead to one major problem: tooth loss. But surprisingly to most, gum disease affects […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Long Island

How Can a Dentist Treat Sleep Apnea? Do you suspect that you have a sleeping disorder? Does your sleep partner or roommate hear you snoring from across your home? Is sleep apnea treatment something you’ve already talked to your doctor about? A dentist could offer the most convenient sleep apnea treatment and you didn’t even […]