candidate for dental veneers

At Sachem Dental Group in Long Island, our multi-specialty cosmetic dentists frequently recommend porcelain veneers for smile makeovers. Veneers, by design, provide that “go big or go home” cosmetic treatment that so many people seek out. But not everyone qualifies for this procedure. If you’re considering porcelain veneers in Suffolk County, here are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before the treatment is scheduled.



You Want to Improve Your Smile’s Appearance


Maybe your teeth are perfectly healthy, but you’re just not in love with the way that they look. Being able to change their shape, size, or color could take them and transform your smile into your favorite accessory.


The ideal dental porcelain veneers candidate is someone who wants to address the look of all of their visible upper front teeth in their “smile zone.” You wouldn’t want veneers if it’s just one or two teeth that need cosmetic treatment.



You Don’t Want or Need Braces


Some people refer to their veneers as “instant braces” in that they immediately make their smile look straighter. Veneers work well for eliminating minor spacing issues such as crowding, gaps, or slightly crooked teeth. The only requirement is that your upper and lower teeth need to line up well enough that the veneers won’t hit end-to-end with the opposing teeth. Otherwise, you would run the risk of the porcelain chipping over time.


But if your teeth only have minor misalignment, veneers can help your smile look perfectly straight while also addressing other aesthetic characteristics.



Your Gums and Teeth are Healthy


It’s important for your teeth and gums to be disease-free before getting dental veneers. Underlying infections such as periodontal disease should be treated well before any form of cosmetic dentistry is performed on those teeth. Otherwise, you can wind up with a beautiful smile, but still run the risk of losing those teeth because of unstable bone support.


Veneers aren’t restorative treatments like dental fillings or crowns. So, if your tooth is structurally damaged or has a large cavity, you may need another type of treatment than a veneer. The only exception would be if the cavity is small and would be completely covered by the veneer’s porcelain body.



You’re Ready for the Porcelain Veneers Investment


Dental veneers require everyday care and maintenance to keep them healthy. Although a veneer won’t get cavities the way teeth do, the tooth behind it may develop decay if not cleaned properly. We’ll show you how to brush and floss around your veneers each day. Your commitment to oral hygiene and the time investment required should play a part in your smile makeover decision.



Get a Customized Care Plan


Sachem Dental Group provides itemized, personalized smile makeover plans for each of our cosmetic dental patients. That way you can compare and contrast the different options out there. If you’re considering dental veneers in Long Island, we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. Contact our Suffolk County dentists today to make an appointment.