Enhancing your smile is easy with porcelain veneers. Each handcrafted restoration is carefully designed to give you the whitest, straightest, most beautiful results. But because of the detail and planning that goes into each of our Suffolk County dental veneers cases, one of the biggest concerns that our smile makeover patients have is, “How much do dental veneers cost?”

PHOTO: What’s the cost of dental veneers. Can I afford them?


The Number of Veneers You Need

The biggest factor that affects the total cost of dental veneers is how many are required. This number is different for everyone, hence why it’s difficult to say how much the total cost of getting veneers can be.

So how many veneers will you need in all? It depends on your smile’s shape, width, and overall appearance. For some people it’s just six veneers across their top front teeth, from one canine (eye tooth) to the other. As long as the veneers blend well with the premolars (the teeth just behind your canines) it may not be necessary to put a veneer on those two teeth. But if your smile is wide and those teeth won’t match your new veneers, additional veneers will be necessary. Depending on the total width of your smile when you’re laughing or posing for a photo, up to 10 veneers total could be required on the top teeth.

In most cases — but not all — veneers aren’t used on the lower front teeth. That’s because the way your upper and lower teeth close together needs to have a specific alignment to prevent the lower veneers from bumping into the back of your upper teeth. If you do need veneers on these teeth for cosmetic purposes, each additional tooth will add into the total cost of your veneers case.


When Extra Planning is Required

Sometimes there’s more to getting veneers than just having them made and put on. If we want to create minor imperfections in the surfaces to blend in with especially hard-to-match teeth, or if multiple colors are needed to blend into one restoration, we may want to do something called a custom shade match. That’s when our dental lab technician comes directly to our office to look at and record specific colors in your teeth, or you go personally to the lab for the same thing to be done. Even the color of the lighting in the room is important to get such details right!

Depending on the case, another step we may want to consider is to have a diagnostic wax up created. This procedure is when a temporary set of veneers is made for you to try on in advance, giving you a visual preview of the final results. Wax ups are typically needed for more complex cases or if there is unique oral anatomy to consider. Having one created adds time and labor to your overall veneer case.


Other Treatments in Conjunction with Your Veneers

Sometimes getting dental veneers isn’t the only part of your smile makeover. It could be that our Long Island dentists first need to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for veneers. Issues such as active tooth decay or gum disease will have to be addressed first. Or perhaps one or two of your teeth need crowns instead of veneers, but those restorations have to be made at the same time so that everything matches out perfectly.

You’ll want a perfect “frame” for your veneers as well. Any uneven gumlines or gummy smile issues will want to be addressed so that they don’t detract from your smile’s overall appearance. Procedures such as a gingivectomy or gum recontouring, cosmetic injectables, or other steps may need to be completed before your veneers can be started.

Although these types of procedures don’t change the cost of your dental veneers, they need to be taken into account when you’re budgeting the total price of your smile makeover from start to finish.


Price Estimates on Dental Veneers

Every veneer case that we complete at our Long Island cosmetic dental practice follows a predetermined treatment plan. At the time of your exam, we’ll discuss how many veneers you need, the type of veneers that are best for your situation (some materials cost more than others) and any adjunctive procedures that are recommended.

Next, our treatment coordinators will create an individualized, written case plan that outlines all of the procedures, appointments, and fees involved. Since dental veneers are considered an elective cosmetic procedure, they’re usually not covered by your dental insurance. However, cosmetic crowns that are used for repairing broken or worn out teeth tend to be included in your insurance benefits.

Any time you’re planning on getting dental veneers at Sachem Dental Group, you’ll be able to know exactly what to expect when it comes to the investment that’s required.


Flexible Financing

Investing in dental veneers is something that can last a lot longer than a lot of other types of cosmetic procedures. Since a straight, bright smile is a reflection of health and youthfulness, many people opt to enhance their teeth as opposed to other types of elective procedures.

When you feel confident about the way your teeth look, you’ll be apt to smile more and can make a great impression on the job, in the dating scene, or just to feel comfortable laughing around your family.

Fortunately, affordable dental veneers in Long Island are a reality thanks to our flexible monthly financing options. Sachem Dental Group partners with CareCredit financing, which provides low-interest and 0% interest payment plans on any dental procedure, including cosmetic smile makeovers. You can apply online or at the time of your exam for immediate approval to get started on your transformation as quickly as possible.


The Best Veneers in Long Island

For a precise quote and customized treatment plan, book an exam and consultation at Sachem Dental Group. Our multi-specialty general dentistry practice has been transforming smiles throughout Suffolk County for over 35 years! If you’re looking for a truly individualized experience with the best outcome possible, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to making your dream smile a reality!