Technology may not seem like much when it comes to dental care, but having state-of-the-art resources can make a huge impact on your smile’s wellness. Especially when it comes to diagnostics and early screening.


How Technology Makes it Possible


Over the past several years, dental technology has both expedited your oral health experience and allowed for higher accuracy during care. One such example is using 3D imaging to better plan therapies like dental implants and oral surgery. The added dimension provides a realistic view to our providers, compared to more traditional 2D X-rays that only visualize one angle of your tooth. The more your dental provider can “see” inside of your mouth, the better they can care for your oral health needs.


At Sachem Dental Group we’re continually updating and studying various technology to ensure we stay abreast of the best care techniques. We’re committed to providing the same level of care for your family as we do our own.


Why Early Diagnosis Matters


Any time we’re able to screen for conditions sooner and more accurately, it means oral disease conditions can be intercepted while they’re as small as possible. And when we treat issues earlier, the therapies are less invasive, better for your teeth, and also more affordable.


Although smaller and budget-savvy treatment sounds attractive, the biggest advantage is that we’re able to preserve the most healthy amount of tooth structure. The more conservative a filling is the larger area of enamel that goes untouched. Minimally invasive care helps to extend the overall lifespan of your tooth as a whole. After all, bacterial infections like tooth decay can continue spreading deeper or tooth to tooth until they’re treated.


Tooth enamel is the hardest, densest structure in the entire human body. But it’s not invincible. Early and regular screenings with the best dental technology help us significantly limit unnecessary damage to your teeth.


Types of Technology We Utilize


Here are some of the most frequent types of dental technology now available. Depending on which of our Long Island multi-specialty clinics you’re at, you might see technology like:


Digital Imaging — Low-dose diagnostic digital X-rays use as much as 90% less radiation than traditional dental radiographs. They’re also clearly visible and capable of enlarging on a monitor. As digital images, we can also send secure copies to your insurance company or other platforms as needed. Being able to take digital X-rays allows us to see the image instantaneously, saving as many as 10-15 minutes during your appointment. The faster diagnosis allows us to make care more efficient, which is crucial if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.


Having digital dental X-rays taken looks and feels much like it always has. And even though there’s hardly any radiation, we still use special filtration and barriers to eliminate unnecessary scatter exposure. The biggest changes you’ll notice are how quickly the images are visible and how much time is shaved off of your routine appointment.


3D Scanning — When we need to see into and around your oral anatomy, what could be better than a digital full mouth X-ray? A 3D one, of course! CBCT scanning uses 3D imaging techniques to capture all of the internal structures that aren’t visible during a visual exam, making this image crucial for performing more detailed or invasive procedures. We might need to utilize a 3D scan for placing dental implants, performing a sinus lift, or even evaluating impacted wisdom teeth. Having a scan made is similar to the “panoramic” X-ray you’re used to taking during comprehensive examination appointments.


In-Room Monitors — We believe that educated individuals make the best decisions regarding their oral health care. By having in-room technology like monitors linked to our imaging equipment, you’re able to see the exact same things that we do. Our monitors can be used to enlarge X-rays, play 3D scans, or even project intraoral photos to give you a firsthand view of your mouth. This visual data will help you play a direct role in co-planning your care alongside our Suffolk County dentists.


Intraoral Cameras — These high resolution, miniature cameras allow us to capture photographs of extremely tight spaces throughout your mouth. Perhaps there’s a crack in your tooth, leaky margin on an old filling, or some precancerous tissue that requires a biopsy. Instead of simply taking our word for it, we can share a visual of those areas with you. Like digital X-rays, these images can be transferred electronically if you need to have them emailed, sent to your insurance carrier, or a medical referral is needed.


Endodontics — Root canal therapy involves treating the inside of a tooth and in particular, through the hollow canal that extends down to the tip of the root. Special resources allow dentists to measure the exact length of the nerve chamber for extremely precise treatment during the root canal procedure. These resources take the guesswork out of endodontics to ensure a successful outcome. The more accurately your endodontic process is, the less of a chance there is of any complications or need to retreat the tooth.


Digital Decay Detection — In some scenarios, dentists in Long Island utilize special laser detection equipment to measure the density of enamel. These small tools are ideal for screening for early signs of decay in the deep grooves and pits within chewing surfaces of teeth. While they do not eliminate the need for digital X-rays, these tools are used by some dentists as a way to add another layer of prevention against decay in highly susceptible parts of the mouth.


Your Smile Always Comes First


Investing in the best technology enables us to provide exceptional care to each one of our patients. As a network of experienced Long Island dentists, we share these resources to ensure an efficient experience that promotes the highest level of oral wellness.


Are you due for a dental checkup? Do you have a tooth that needs to be looked at? Contact Sachem Dental Group in Suffolk County today to reserve your first appointment with us.