6 Dental Abscess Symptoms to Watch For

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Is it a Dental Abscess?

Dental infections can be very serious; their bacterial infections can spread into your bloodstream, leading to a number of other health problems. Antibiotics alone will not cure an infection such as a dental abscess. Rather, you will need to see a dentist to get proper treatment.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have an abscessed tooth:

1. Bad Taste in Your Mouth

If you notice a bad taste in a certain area of your mouth, it could mean that you have a dental abscess that’s draining. Abscesses that are actively draining are releasing pressure, so they may not cause much pain.

Gum disease can also cause a bad taste in your mouth, so it is wise to get a checkup to pinpoint the issue before it becomes severe.

2. Fistula, Gum Boil or Pimple

A fistula often appears on the gum where the tip of the tooth root is. It looks like a pimple. When pushed it may drain fluid. What you’re seeing is a little sack of infection, so if you have one you should definitely see a dentist.

3. Pain That Wakes You Up at Night

If you’re experiencing severe pain that isn’t helped by over the counter pain medications, then you may have an abscessed tooth. Another sign is if you are being awoken from your sleep due to tooth pain.

In this case an antibiotic and a strong pain medication may be prescribed before treatment. It takes a few days to notice improvement from an antibiotic. Once it begins to work on diminishing the level of infection, you should be able to switch back to over the counter pain medication, if any at all.

Depending on how severe the infection is, your dentist may require that you take the antibiotic before treating the tooth. This will help speed up the healing process.

4. Swelling

Swelling occurs when an infection develops and it is under pressure with nowhere to drain. This area may be extremely painful. Swelling can be severe. Aside for the cheek swelling, it may extend to your throat, making it difficult to swallow. If the dental abscess is from one of your top teeth, it can even spread to your eye, causing it to swell shut.

5. Fever

When swelling is present, a fever is also common. Taking over the counter fever reducing medication will not suffice. You will need to see a dentist to remove the infection, and possibly prescribe a medication to will help reduce the amount of infection present, in turn reducing the fever.

6. Temperature Sensitivity

Cold sensitivity is common. However, heat sensitivity is a sign of an abscessed tooth. In some cases, infected teeth don’t hurt at all!

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