Do you need to replace a missing tooth? Not everyone qualifies for traditional dental implant treatment. Fortunately, an alternative is available: mini implants. As the name suggests, mini dental implants are just a fraction of the size of conventional designs. They’re shorter and narrower, allowing the smaller shape to fit into spaces that might not be accessible otherwise.


Sachem Dental Group offers mini implants as an alternative treatment for our patients who may not need or qualify for full implant designs. They can be used for single-tooth dental crowns or even anchoring dentures. Their flexibility allows us to provide implant treatments to more people than ever!


What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are a smaller version of traditional implant designs. They’re less than half the size of what a typical implant patient receives. Since mini implants are thinner and shorter, they don’t take up as much space. This design makes them easier to fit into narrower areas between teeth or where bone ridges are not as wide.


Their minimally-invasive nature makes placing a mini implant a straightforward, simple process. Practically no recovery time is necessary.


Our Suffolk County dentists can use mini implants for single tooth replacement in certain areas, or for stabilizing removable prosthetics such as full dentures. The flexibility of their streamlined design provides a wider variety of treatment options for our non-traditional implant patients.


Mini Implants vs. Traditional Dental Implants

In the majority of tooth replacement cases, we use traditional, full-sized implants. Traditional implants are about the same size as an anatomical tooth root. So to install them, it’s essential to have enough space between teeth and bone to surround the restoration.


Unfortunately, tooth loss leads to bone resorption (shrinkage) and shifts in the adjacent teeth. If you wait too long to replace your tooth, there may no longer be space to install a full-sized implant.


That’s where mini dental implants come in. Long Island dentists like the team at Sachem Dental Group can still provide dental implant treatments, even if you don’t qualify for conventional implant designs. With a mini implant it’s possible to place the restoration into narrower spaces between teeth and in areas where the bone may have a thinner “ridge”. That way the implant is still completely surrounded by bone for support.


Placing mini dental implants is a single-visit procedure, whereas traditional implants often require two appointments spread across several months.


Mini implants are used for different types of restorations than an everyday traditional implant. Since the size of mini implants is smaller, they’re not able to support as much weight. Instead, they’re used for scenarios involving non-load bearing teeth or stabilization of a removable appliance.


What is the Process Like?

It’s quite comfortable to get mini dental implants. Our Suffolk County dentists will first numb the tissues around the installation site, keeping you completely pain free throughout the procedure. A small opening is created in your gingiva, and then the mini implant is inserted down into the soft tissue and bone. Since your bone doesn’t have pain receptors, it won’t be irritated following the installation, and only a minor amount of tenderness will be evident in your gums once the anesthetic wears off. An over-the-counter pain reliever or warm saltwater rinse ought to be all you need for managing any minor irritation.


With traditional implants, most people say that the treatment is comfortable and easier than having a tooth removed. Mini implants are even simpler! When you have a mini implant installed, the process is almost like having a routine dental procedure. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing you’ll be in and out in about an hour.


As soon as your mini implant is installed, it’s ready to support your tooth replacement prosthesis. We may be able to place a same-day restoration, or you could require an impression for a lab-made prosthesis that’s delivered at a later date.


Do I Qualify for Mini Dental Implants?

If you have missing teeth, small spaces between teeth, and/or a narrow bone ridge, you may qualify for our Long Island mini implants. It will be heavily dependent on which teeth are missing. For example, we wouldn’t want to use a mini implant to replace a molar (back tooth) that’s used for heavy grinding and chewing each day. But a mini implant would work in a scenario for replacing a smaller front tooth that you don’t bite with as much.


However, we can also use mini implants to stabilize removable, full-arch prosthetics like dentures. That way your “plate” is still removable, but it snaps into place over the implant abutments for added security throughout the day. These overdentures eliminate the reliance on adhesive pastes and provide added protection while you’re talking or eating during the day. But you’ll still need to take your denture out at night!


To make sure you’re a candidate, we’ll need to evaluate your gum health and take an X-ray of that area of your mouth. As long as there’s healthy tissue and bone in that area, you likely qualify, but it will also depend on which tooth or teeth are missing. If you’re on any prescription medication, daily supplements, have underlying medical conditions, or use tobacco products, please let us know. Although they may not prevent you from getting mini implants, certain measures may need to be taken to avoid complications.


Advantages of Small Dental Implants

  • Useful in smaller spaces
  • Less bone required for support
  • Can be used for single crowns or full-arch dentures
  • Comfortable and minimally invasive
  • Ideal for non-traditional implant patients
  • Easy installation and recovery
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • No additional surgeries or grafting


Long Island Mini Implant Dentist

Do mini dental implants sound right for you? Visit Sachem Dental Group for a smile restoration consultation to find out if you qualify. We’ll discuss the different types of implant designs and tooth replacements available, so that you can choose the one that’s best for your smile.


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