If you’re looking to get your teeth whitened in the quickest way possible, then a same-day (in-house) bleaching session is exactly what you want. This fast cosmetic dentistry treatment is effective and an affordable investment when it comes to transforming your appearance.


PHOTO: Same day teeth whitening with a dental laser light.


But is a professional one visit whitening treatment right for you? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our Long Island cosmetic dentists here:


Will Same Day Whitening Hurt My Teeth?

Having your teeth screened for active cavities and gum recession is an important step to take before bleaching your teeth. Making sure your smile is healthy will help to prevent any type of discomfort. Our Suffolk County dentists will select the appropriate gel strength based on your individual needs and sensitivity level. Same day whitening is perfectly safe for someone with healthy teeth and gums!


How Many Shades Whiter Will the Bleach Get My Enamel?

On average, most people see an improvement of between 3-8 shades. We’ll use a special shade guide to measure the current color of your teeth and give you an idea of what you could expect from a whitening treatment before you actually plan the appointment. After your session we’ll re-record your tooth color so that you have a visual before and after to base the results off of.


Do I Have to Whiten My Teeth Again Later?

Our teeth are porous and naturally absorb stains from the foods and drinks we consume. If you tend to drink a lot of coffee or tea, for example, your teeth will reflect as such. Our Long Island cosmetic dentists recommend using a tray to touch up your smile after every checkup or more frequently as needed.


Is Same Day Whitening Stronger Than a Take Home Kit?

Yes and no. With same day teeth whitening, you’ll see drastic results in less time. It’s also better for tenacious stains that are hard to lift with an at-home kit. But for a typical smile, you’ll get the same long-term results from an in-house whitening procedure as you would one of our professional take home systems.


What Type of Bleach is Used?

All of our professional grade whitening gels are made from a concentrated peroxide solution to oxidize the stain particles in your enamel. The type of peroxide varies, depending on your individual tooth color and sensitivity level. Carbamide and Hydrogen Peroxides are both common, but they work differently (so the concentrations will be at varying levels from one another.) You can’t buy a prescription gel online or from a store.


Is Whitening at a Salon the Same Thing?

No. Any type of teeth whitening treatment that you buy at a Salon, shopping center, or online will not be the same as one that’s administered by your dentist. Think of it the same as you would getting a skin care product prescribed by your dermatologist.

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