Our at-home teeth whitening kits feature a set of clear, customized trays that fit over your smile “like a glove.” Their snug fit allows you to use minimum gel for maximum results, whitening your teeth by several shades in just 1-2 weeks.


A custom whitening kit can be used for years and allows you to bleach your teeth whenever and wherever you want. Most people whiten before they go to bed or even choose to sleep in their trays overnight.


Take-home teeth whitening treatments are one of the most affordable and effective cosmetic dentistry services we offer. The minimum investment can have a huge impact on your smile’s appearance and your own self-confidence!


Why Use a Professional Kit?


Professional whitening treatments outperform commercial products sold in stores. Some of the biggest advantages of electing to use a take-home kit made by our Long Island dentists include:


  • Maximum strength whitening products
  • Smooth, accurate application for each tooth
  • Faster results than over-the-counter products
  • Brighter whitening than commercial gels
  • The ability to touch up whenever you want to
  • A better return on investment (cheaper than store kits in the long run)


How the Trays are Made


Getting a customized set of whitening trays made only requires a quick impression of your teeth. After we capture the mold, we pour a model as a replica of your exact smile shape. From there, BPA-free plastic is melted onto and sucked down against the mold, then the excess material is trimmed away. The final product looks similar to an Invisalign tray or clear retainer, except a bit softer.


Which Teeth Bleaching Agents are Used?


Teeth whitening gel is available in different concentrations and combinations of ingredients. A higher percentage of a certain agent may be the equivalent to a lower percentage of another type of gel. Depending on whether you’re whitening for an hour or overnight, and the intensity of your tooth discoloration, we’ll guide you through selecting a professional-grade gel that best fits your situation.


Although all whitening gels contain some type of peroxide ingredient (which oxidizes stain particles), professional strength products can only be purchased directly from a dentist. The products sold online or in stores may say they’re the same ingredients, but the concentrations will be different (similar to over the counter and prescription drugs.)


Qualifications for Teeth Whitening


Candidates for teeth whitening should:


  • Have all of their adult teeth (no young children)
  • Be free of active tooth decay
  • Have healthy gums


If you’re considering whitening your teeth, just be sure to discuss it with our Long Island dentists during your routine checkup. We’ll let you know whether or not you qualify. New patients are also encouraged to reach out, but an exam will likely be necessary before any whitening agents can be administered.



How to Wear Teeth Whitening Trays


Depending on which gel we administer, you’ll want to wear your trays for an hour a day, or overnight. Initially, it’s best to apply the treatment for 10-14 days in a row.


Be sure to administer enough gel into each tooth reservoir so that when you press the trays onto your teeth, the gel evenly distributes across the entire front of each tooth. If there is too much gel it can spill over onto your gums, leading to irritation, bleached tissue, or mild burning sensations. If you don’t use enough, it can result in irregular bleaching patterns.


After your session, remove the trays and rinse your mouth vigorously with tap water. Clean the bleaching trays with lukewarm water and a toothbrush to remove any residual buildup. You can also soak your trays in an effervescent denture cleanser from time to time as needed.



When is Whitening Recommended?


We nearly always suggest whitening your teeth before any restorative or cosmetic treatment involving your front teeth. Since restorations like porcelain crowns, white fillings, and cosmetic veneers are in your “smile zone”, any future whitening of the surrounding teeth could cause those treatments to appear mismatched. That’s because porcelain and other materials don’t bleach, no matter how strong the whitening agent is that’s applied.


It’s best to start out with a whiter smile, then have your new restorations matched to blend in with brighter colored teeth. That way you won’t have to change out your dental work for new restorations if you choose to bleach your teeth later on.



Maintaining Your Results Between Visits


Take-home teeth whitening kits make it extremely easy to touch up and maintain your results. We typically suggest using your kit for a few days in a row after each six-month cleaning appointment. That way any superficial stains (from food and drink) are polished away and the whitening agent can better penetrate your enamel.


People who are prone to more stain may benefit from touching up every 3-4 months, instead of twice a year.


Store your gel in the refrigerator when not in use to help it last as long as possible. When you start to run low, simply stop by our Long Island office to purchase a refill tube.



Are There Side Effects?


Are you someone who tends to have sensitive teeth? Whitening agents — even toothpastes — can cause increased tooth sensitivity for some people. If that’s the case, just be sure to communicate your concerns with our Suffolk County dentists. We can select from various types of gel solutions and concentrations to find one that’s best for your needs. Additionally, you may want to whiten less frequently and incorporate a sensitivity toothpaste into your normal oral hygiene routine.


If there are any existing dental restorations within your “smile zone”, they won’t whiten along with the tooth structure around them (which can cause them to stand out.) You’ll want to consider having those areas updated to match your brighter smile once treatment is complete.



Brighter Teeth are One Click Away


Request your teeth whitening appointment today. Contact Sachem Dental Group to schedule your screening and bleaching tray impression. Your customized kit will be ready to wear in no time.