The Best Denture Products and How to Use Them

Now that you have a brand new set of dentures, you want to do everything you can to keep them clean, comfortable, and last as long as possible.

A big misconception among denture wearers is that now that they don’t have any “real” teeth, oral hygiene and dental checkups are a thing of the past. Not so! Sachem Dental Group recommends investing in some of the following products to keep on hand for everyday use.

A Denture Brush

You’ll want to use a separate brush to clean your denture than you would your teeth. If you wear a partial or still have teeth you’ve been able to retain, it’s even more important. Denture brushes are larger than regular toothbrushes, but you’ll find them on the same oral care aisle of your nearest grocery store.

Find a soft denture brush to use twice per day, loosening and removing debris that accumulates on your prosthesis (especially after you’ve soaked it overnight in a denture cleanser.)

Denture Cleanser

Effervescent denture cleansers are designed to gently lift stains, loosen buildup, and fight off bacteria that’s accumulated on your denture throughout the day. Most of these products come in a tablet form and dissolve in water. Avoid DIY home solutions (especially those with bleach or peroxide) as they can permanently damage the acrylic foundation of your prosthesis. Abrasives such as baking soda should also be avoided, as they may scratch your denture and result in more stain buildup between visits to our Suffolk County office.

After brushing your denture with lukewarm tap water, soak your appliance overnight, completely submerged. Hot temperatures can permanently warp your plate, changing its fit and making it useless.

The next morning brush your denture again and then rinse it thoroughly before putting it back in.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

You’ll need to keep your mouth clean underneath your denture to avoid gum infections. Our Long Island dentists recommend wiping your gums with a soft washcloth. You can follow with an alcohol-free mouthwash to lower bacterial levels and freshen your breath at any time during the day.

However, try to avoid blends with alcohol, peroxide, or whitening products. Otherwise your denture may be permanently altered.

Denture Pastes, Powders, and Adhesives

Do you need denture adhesive or similar products if you’re wearing a removable full or partial denture?

The short answer is, “sometimes.” At Sachem Dental Group, we recommend avoiding adhesives except for the early break-in period while you adjust to your appliance or later on if you need to have it adjusted because of your denture feeling uncomfortable.

A well-fitting denture shouldn’t ever need adhesives to keep it in place. If you find that it’s difficult to establish a seal in your mouth, bring your denture to our multi-specialty practice to have it refitted or relined. There’s also the option of having it retrofitted as an implant stabilized overdenture.

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