Long Island Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, sometimes called tooth bleaching, is now a common procedure offered in most dental offices.

Sachem Dental is one of Long Island’s leading Zoom Teeth Whitening providers in Suffolk County. Zoom Whitening is the acceleration of the whitening process using ultraviolet light. The Zoom Whitening procedure takes about 90 minutes to complete and is done in one office visit. A whitening gel is applied to the areas to be treated and ultraviolet light is used three to four times for approximately 10-15 minutes each. The gel reacts to the ultraviolet light thus whitening your teeth. Sachem Dental also offers a maintenance kit, for an added cost, so you can keep your smile as bright as possible for a longer period of time. .

Another whitening procedure Sachem Dental offers is called tray bleaching. The first step in the process is to make an appointment to have an impression of your teeth made. After the impressions are made, we create custom whitening trays to fit your mouth that you can reuse. Once the trays are created, you are given a gel to apply within the trays. You wear the trays for approximately 15 minutes per day for one to two weeks; depending on the condition of your teeth. This solution acts like an oxidizing agent that penetrates the pores in the structure of the enamel to the middle part which is called dentin. That means that even the deepest and stubborn of stains can be removed.

You can also buy simpler, prepackaged teeth whitening strips which we sell in the office. Contrary to whitening strips you can buy in your local grocery store or pharmacy, these kits are smaller non-custom trays that already have the gel in place. You simply open each tray from the plastic packaging and apply to the top and bottom teeth. You wear the strips/trays for 30-45 minutes then discard. The results vary depending on the type of stains the teeth have as well as the even timing and proper application of the strips.

For the best results, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment at one of our offices see what procedure is right for you and your teeth. The Zoom Whitening method is extremely safe and accomplished without doing harm to your gums or teeth. Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist also spares you the long process of having trays in your mouth which is part of doing it at home. There is also less risk of bleaching some teeth whiter than others. With the in office procedures you get a consistent, predictable and attractive result in one office visit.

Sachem Dental is one of the best teeth whitening dentists on Long Island.

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