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What Causes Loose Dentures?

Dentures can be troublesome for some people to wear. If too loose, they can cause pain and soreness. If you’re having difficulty with yours, Sachem Dental Group can help.

Before you call, here are some reasons as to why your denture may be loose and recommendations for improving it.

Healed Extraction Sites

If you had teeth pulled when your denture was made ,it will likely become loose after you heal. As your gum tissue recovers, it shrinks, altering its’ shape. When our Long Island dentist determines that no more change will occur, he will reline the inside of the denture with new acrylic. After this, it will be tight again.

Old Dentures No Longer Fit

As time goes by, our body undergoes change. Wrinkles develop, our eyesight fails, our weight fluctuates. Our gums can also shrink. In many cases, a reline of your prosthesis can be done. However, before deciding if this is a good solution, our dentist will take into consideration the age and overall condition of your denture and if it’s been relined before.

A Shallow Upper Palate

Retention of an upper denture relies heavily on good suction from the roof of your mouth. The deeper your palate, the better fit your denture will have. If your plate is loose due to not having enough depth, you may have to use a denture adhesive. Our Long Island dentist can recommend which ones to try, or you may wish to test several yourself to find the one that works best.

A Shallow Ridge in Your Lower Jaw

Like with the upper jaw, the depth of the ridge on the lower bone (mandible) significantly impacts the fit of your denture. However, on the bottom, this can be much more problematic. Your tongue may constantly try to kick your plate out of place. Adhesive may not be a valid solution here. In this case, placing some dental implants in the bone will allow the denture to snap securely into place.

Here are some other things to remember about dentures:

● Just because you don’t have any teeth doesn’t mean you can avoid using a toothbrush. You should clean your gums daily. This includes the upper and lower tissues, your palate, and even your tongue, which can harbor a lot of bacteria, causing bad breath.
● At a minimum, brush your dentures nightly. They can develop plaque and buildup just like natural teeth. They can stain, become discolored and smell bad if not cleaned properly.
● Dentures should be removed at night. Do not sleep in them. Your gums need to breathe. If constantly covered tissue will become red, inflamed and swollen.
● Place your denture in a container to soak at night. An effervescent cleaning tablet mixed with water makes the perfect solution.

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