dental implants suffolk countyWhat to Expect During a Dental Implant Procedure


Many people fear the unknown. An implant is one of the dental procedures that not many are familiar with, and a great example of treatment that might cause dental anxiety. In fact, few general dentists have the proper training to perform this treatment.

But at Sachem Dental Group, our multi-specialty dentists have been practicing for over 35 years. If you’re a Long Island resident looking to get dental implants, you’ll be in great hands!

Getting Implants is Easier Than You Might Think

The actual placement is rather quick and simple. Here is what you should expect:

In preparation for the big day you may be prescribed medications that will help with the healing process.

Antibiotics will help prevent any infection.
Anti-Inflammatory medication such as Motrin will be used to keep any swelling at bay.
Steroids like Decadron can help with pain and also are used as an anti-inflammatory.
Sedative – Conscious sedation is available in pill form. Taking these before your arrival will help ensure that you are relaxed. (Be sure to bring a friend to your appointment, to drive you home afterward.)
Chlorhexidine Rinse helps rid your mouth of bad bacteria. Usually you will start using this a few days before your procedure, continuing it for up to two weeks after.

A 3-D cone beam cat-scan image may also be used to determine proper size and placement of the dental implant, improving the efficiency of your minor surgery.

When entering the treatment room, you may notice a bag hanging from a pole that looks much like an IV. You can rest assured knowing that this is simply just a sterile “flushing” solution that attaches to the dental hand tools. (The assistant will make sure you are comfortable by keeping the solution suctioned from the back of your throat.)

The Physical Placement of Your Implant

After receiving local anesthesia, our Long Island dentist will access the jaw bone by making a small incision in the gum tissue and spreading it apart. We then carefully insert a small tapered drill, which mimics an implant, within the bone. This removes the spongy matter, leaving an opening of its’ size for the implant to slip into. Once we create an opening of the proper size, the sterile implant is inserted within the space. The new artificial root has threads that help secure it in place within the bone. It’s fast and simple!

As your body heals, new bone will form around the threads. It may take up to four months for the implant to be fully integrated. You will need to visit our Suffolk County office periodically for quick follow ups to ensure that everything is progressing properly. When the time is right, our dentist will have a crown (tooth) made to go over your implant.

Book an Implant Consultation in Suffolk County

If you’re in the Long Island, Suffolk County area and are considering having your missing tooth replaced with a dental implant, call Sachem Dental Group to book a complimentary consultation.