Now that you’ve made the decision that dental veneers are the best way to transform your smile, it’s time to pick the type of veneers that you want! At Sachem Dental Group we understand that various techniques and types of materials can give our patients a variety of different cosmetic results. Considering the advantages of each type of dental veneer can help you feel more prepared when it’s time to make a decision about your smile’s appearance.

PHOTO: Dental veneers give you the dramatic smile makeover and cosmetic dentistry results you’ve always wanted.


Traditional Porcelain Veneers

The gold standard for cosmetic dental veneers has always been porcelain. When our Long Island cosmetic dentists are completing a dramatic “smile makeover” case, ceramics like porcelain are the go-to veneer of choice. Not only is porcelain durable, but it also has the most realistic appearance when it comes to recreating a beautiful white surface that blends in with your natural anatomy. The hue and colors can be adjusted, as each veneer is handcrafted by an expert lab technician. We can even create minor changes to the veneer so that it has realistic textures like a typical tooth.


Same Day Composite Veneers

A chairside veneer is one where our Suffolk County cosmetic dentists form the composite bonding directly over your tooth and cure it in place immediately. It gives you instant results without the need for a second visit later on. That being said, composite doesn’t have the same translucent hue that you would see in a porcelain veneer, making it more opaque and solid in color. Our Long Island dentists only recommend same day veneers if you have one or two problematic teeth that need to be adjusted, rather than all of them across your smile. The composite is not as durable as porcelain either, so there’s more of a chance that these veneers can chip or wear down with everyday use (needing to be updated more frequently.)


No-Prep Veneers

“Lumineers” is a popular brand of no-prep (drill free) dental veneers. They’re a fully reversible type of veneer in that they go right on over your natural tooth enamel without reducing any of your tooth’s thickness. If you ever want to take them off, or one pops off for any reason, they don’t have to be replaced if you don’t want them to be. However, drill-free dental veneers aren’t always a good idea, as they can make some people’s teeth look bulkier and thicker than is natural.


How Many Veneers Do You Need?

The best type of dental veneers for your smile may depend on how many veneers you need in total. For example, if we’re enhancing 8-10 teeth across your upper smile, then porcelain is probably best. If it’s just one problematic tooth, then a same day veneer might be more appropriate.

To learn more about which veneers are right for you and the process that’s involved, schedule a smile makeover consultation at Sachem Dental Group. Our multi-specialty general dentistry practice has been serving the Long island area for over 35 years!