benefits and risks of gum lifts

Gum lifts involve adjusting the shape of your gum tissue.

Your “gingiva” is the delicate gum tissue that frames each of your teeth. It plays a crucial role in tooth support, health, and protection of the underlying bone structures. Ideally gums should look a healthy coral-pink color (or occasionally dark brown, depending on your genetics) and scalloped nicely from one tooth to the next.

But if your gums aren’t shaped in a typical manner, it can detract overall from your smile’s appearance. If the shape and height of your gums is enough to cause self-consciousness, then a gum lift with our Long Island cosmetic dentists may be exactly what you need.


If You Have a “Gummy Smile”


A “gummy smile” happens when you see more gum tissues than teeth whenever you’re smiling. Although some people have gummy smiles because of hyperactive lip muscles, others truly have excessive gingiva.


When there’s too much gum tissue covering the teeth, you’ll see more gingiva than enamel whenever you’re smiling. Add to the fact that certain medications and pregnancy hormones can cause gum overgrowth, gummy smiles affect people of all different backgrounds.


Gum lifts are an excellent treatment for people with gummy smiles. Regardless of the number of teeth involved, our Long Island dentists can safely reshape and reduce the height of the gum tissues, lifting them up higher on the tooth to reveal a fuller shape. The more tooth that’s visible, the less “gummy” your smile will appear.



If Your Teeth Look Short or Lopsided


Uneven teeth aren’t necessarily due to misshaped enamel. They could actually be caused by uneven gum tissues throughout your mouth. If the gums aren’t evenly shaped and contoured around each tooth, some of them may appear to be different sizes than their neighbors.


Instead of physically re-shaping your tooth with bonding, a veneer, or dental crown, we can adjust the contour of your gumlines instead. But even if you do decide to get one of these cosmetic treatments, we can pair the two procedures together.


Gum lifts for uneven teeth are a relatively short, pain-free procedure. Especially if only one or two teeth are involved.



Can You Get a Gum Lift if You Need a Crown or Have Gum Disease?


Crown lengthening isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. It can also be a therapeutic one. For instance, teeth that are severely worn and need a crown, “crown lengthening” is nearly identical to a gum lift and creates a larger surface area to work with. That way a crown can be placed over the tooth without having to worry whether there’s a stable enough base to support it.


Similarly, crown lengthening for people with gum disease makes it easier to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy. By reducing the height of gum tissues around infected teeth, the “pocket” under their gums is also shortened. Shallower pockets are easier to clean with floss or a water flosser, ensuring healthy tissues remain attached to the affected tooth.



Gum Lift Treatments in Long Island


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