Gum lifts are a specific type of gingivectomy treatment that reduces the height of gum tissue around your teeth. Essentially, we’re shortening the gumline to make your tooth appear longer and fuller, revealing more surface area inside of your mouth.


Types of Gum Lift Procedures


There’s more than one type of gum lift procedure. One is a therapeutic crown lengthening, or “pocket reduction” procedure that’s paired with periodontal therapy in the treatment of gum disease. It shortens the pocket around infected teeth, where bacterial plaque accumulates and damages the attached tissues.


Another form of gingival recontouring is a cosmetic gum lift. This is the type of treatment we recommend when someone has a “gummy smile” to help their natural teeth look fuller. By shortening the excessive gingiva and exposing more tooth structure, the teeth naturally appear longer. It’s far less invasive than many popular alternatives.


And finally, there are gum lifts for restorative purposes. That is, creating a larger tooth surface to repair, when the visible portion is too worn down. We might recommend a gum lift if you need a crown but there isn’t enough enamel extending above the gumlines. Without a large enough base, the crown would fall off once you apply any biting pressure to it. Lifting the gums creates additional space for the crown to attach to.


What a Gingivectomy Isn’t


A gum lift (gingivectomy) is not the same thing as gum grafting. During a grafting procedure, we’re actually adding to the tissue in that area to cover a larger area of the exposed tooth. With a gum lift, we’re retracting or lifting that tissue back, exposing more tooth. They’re essentially opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to gingival therapies.



Gum Recontouring is Easier Than You Thought


Scheduling gingival recontouring treatment is easier than ever, thanks to modern soft tissue technology. In years past, getting a gum lift typically meant several days of recovery time, as well as a bit of swelling and discomfort. But advanced techniques allow us to speed up the recovery, reduce inflammation, and help you get on your way in hardly any time at all. Chances are you’ll only need to stick to soft food for a couple of days and might take a pain reliever if you feel that you need one. Assuming you schedule your procedure on a Thursday or Friday, you should be ready to go back to work that next Monday.


Do I Need a Gum Lift?


Our Long Island gum lift procedures are performed on a case-by-case basis. While some people are prime candidates for gingival reduction, others may better benefit from another type of therapy. During your consultation at Sachem Dental Group, our experienced providers will walk you through the advantages of each of your options, so that you can select the one that’s best for your oral health and smile aesthetics.


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