reasons to get dental veneers

5 reasons to get dental veneers in Long Island.

If you’ve been thinking about getting dental veneers, you may be looking for a “sign” to tell you that the time is right. Although our Long Island patients invest in veneers for a variety of different reasons, here are five of the biggest incentives to go ahead and take the leap:


#1 Dental Veneers Transform Your Entire Smile

Veneers are specifically meant to transform your “smile zone.” That is, the teeth that are visible when you’re smiling. They don’t involve any of the teeth in the back of your mouth and rarely involve your lower front teeth. Most people only get 6-10 veneers across their upper front teeth, because those are the most noticeable ones. Once they’re bonded over your natural smile, veneers make your teeth look completely brand new. It’s like an instant before and after the moment you look in the mirror.



#2 The Turnaround Time is Relatively Quick

After your dental veneer planning process, the actual treatment only requires about a two-week turnaround time. We typically book you for the preparation appointment, send the impressions to our lab, and have your final veneers ready to install a couple of weeks later. You could have a brand-new smile before the month is over.


#3 You Don’t Need Additional Treatments

Dental veneers are one of those treatments where they’re the perfect stand-alone services in most cases. When you get veneers, you give yourself the perks of having straighter and whiter teeth in just a couple of weeks, without necessarily having to go through orthodontic treatment or professional teeth whitening. While there will always be instances where additional therapies are occasionally required, the beauty of dental veneers is that they’re designed to address everything at once.


#4 Choose How Your Smile Looks

With custom porcelain veneers, we can dictate every characteristic of your new smile. Do you want to change the color and underlying hue of your teeth? Done! Have a tooth that looks too narrow and needs a bit of width added to it? Done! Want your smile to look fuller and more even from one side of the other? Done!


You have ultimate control of what your new smile looks like, in everything from tooth shape and color to size and alignment.



#5 Dental Veneers are an Investment in Yourself

When you feel confident about the way your smile looks, you’ll want to show it off even more often. Having beautiful teeth means you can make a great first impression at that next job interview, boost your self-esteem if you’re getting back into the dating scene, or just feeling proud of the way that you look.


When you think about the emotional benefits that dental veneers have to offer, they’re priceless.



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