Dental crowns are the go-to solution when you have a tooth with severe damage, decay, or wear. But typically, the treatment process requires two separate trips to the dentist’s office to complete. Fortunately, Sachem Dental Group is able to provide custom milled, same-day crowns that are designed and delivered right here in our Long Island office.


If you’ve ever wondered how same-day crowns were made, it’s quite different than the ones that are hand designed in an off-site lab. Here’s a summary of the overall fabrication process when someone visits us for treatment:


Prepping Your Tooth

First, your tooth is numbed and prepped, removing damaged or decaying areas. The overall tooth is reshaped so that a full-coverage crown has enough room to slip on top of it. We may also need to gently retract the gum tissue around your tooth, to ensure an accurate impression.


Taking a Digital Impression

Our Long Island dentist will use a small scanning tool to record a 3D “digital” impression of your tooth. There are no goopy impressions or uncomfortable trays to put in your mouth.


Your scan is then transferred into our design software, where a virtual replica of your bite is displayed on the screen. From here, we can select which tooth needs to receive a crown and map out how it should fit against the surrounding teeth.


Selecting the Shade

Same-day crowns are made from a solid block of ceramic, so there’s no visible metal. And since the materials come in different colors (similar to white fillings) we can select the one that best matches your natural smile. That way the restoration blends in with the teeth around it and other people won’t notice you’ve had work done. Keep in mind, the entire crown will be the same shade. If there are unique color characteristics that need to be altered, you may need a hand-designed crown instead.


Milling Your Crown

Now comes the actual fabrication process. The ceramic is loaded into the milling machine and all of the data is transferred. Once started, the machine begins to precisely carve out a custom-fitted crown from the solid block of ceramic. Although it does take several minutes, you can use that time to relax, read a book, or catch up on any other dental treatment that’s required.



Once the milling is complete, we remove the crown from the machine and bring it straight to the treatment area. The highly accurate process ensures a sealed, custom fit without any risk of human error. As long as everything looks as it ought to, we permanently bond the crown over your tooth.



You’re on Your Way!

That’s it! There’s no need to come back for a second crown appointment or follow-up.


Need to save time? Have a broken or worn-out tooth? Call Sachem Dental Group today to set up a same day crown consultation to find out if this treatment is right for you.