how long does it take to get a dental implant



Getting a dental implant in Long Island is a great option for tooth replacement. In most cases, this treatment does take an average of six months to complete, but once you have your new tooth you’ll get to enjoy it for many years to come.


You may be wondering why it takes so long to complete a dental implant.  Here’s why:



Planning For Your Dental Implant


The implant process isn’t something that you just dive into 一 it takes a bit of planning to ensure that everything will run smoothly.


We’ll begin with taking a 3-D x-ray of your mouth to measure the bone and check for other things like the location of important nerves and your sinus cavity. With this state-of-the-art image, we can take some measurements to ensure that you have the right amount of space for a dental implant.


There are other steps that we need to plan for in as well.  In some cases, we’ll have to remove a tooth, place a bone graft material in the bone socket, or make a temporary tooth for you to wear.


The reason for all of this is because we can’t always put an implant into your bone right away. Especially if you have a multi-rooted tooth that needs to be removed. The large void that it’ll create in your bone is too large to hold an implant right away. As such, we’ll need to place the bone grafting material after the tooth is removed and let the site integrate for a few months.



Bone Integration


The bone integration phase is the longest part of the dental implant process.  During this time, we simply wait for your body to fuse its natural bone with the bone grafting material that was placed.  Typically, this step takes anywhere from eight to twelve weeks.



Implant Placement


Once your bone is dense enough, you’ll return for your implant placement procedure.  This appointment is quite simple and only requires a little numbing medication.  When you’re in the skillful hands of our Long Island dentist, getting a dental implant is easier than having a tooth removed.



Final Bone Integration Stage


Just like the initial bone integration phase, you’ll go through another eight to twelve-week period where the new bone will form and fuse around the implant, creating a solid foundation for your permanent tooth.



Restorative Phase


To make your crown, we’ll take an impression or digital scan of the area which will be used to design your new tooth.



Crown Delivery


A few weeks later, your crown will be ready and you’ll come in for a final appointment in which we’ll place your permanent tooth and you’ll be set to go.



Dental Implants in Long Island


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