Are you considering whitening your teeth at home? You have two choices to pick from: a commercial whitening kit (like what you find online or in the supermarket) or a professional whitening kit made by your dentist.


If you’re trying to decide which type of teeth whitening is best and most affordable, here are some important factors you’ll want to consider before buying anything.



Which is Cheaper?


Initially, it can seem like over the counter or online whitening kits are the cheapest way to bleach your teeth. If you have extremely mild stain and only need to lighten your teeth by 1-2 shades, then a commercial product may be all you need.


But commercial products use weaker gel concentrations. Even if they’re the same ingredients, they’re just not as strong. So that means you’ll have to use even more of the same product to get moderate whitening results. Plus, you’re purchasing a new system each time you need to touch up.


A professional take home whitening kit winds up being your most affordable whitening option in the long run. Since the trays last for years and the refill gel is so affordable (most people only need about a tube per year) it saves you money overall.


Don’t They Use the Same Ingredients?


Yes and no. Nearly all whitening agents contain some type of a peroxide-based gel, since it can oxidize stain particles. There are different variations, such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. On top of that, each gel is available in different concentrations. A lower concentration of one type of gel may be just as strong as a higher concentration of another type.


However, over-the-counter products that are not directly sold by a dentist cannot contain the same strength of professional gel as what you can purchase from your personal dental provider. So, if you want to see the best results possible, you’ll want to opt for a professional take home whitening kit available through our Suffolk County dentist’s office.



Even Application and Results


With an over-the-counter whitening system (it doesn’t matter whether it’s trays or strips) it’s harder to get the product into even contact with each tooth surface. What happens is the gel tends to flow onto some areas but misses others. After several days it can leave darker or discolored areas behind — like close to your gums or the curves at the sides of your teeth — causing irregular bleaching patterns.


With a take home kit, your customized trays are perfectly molded to every curve of your smile. That means the gel will evenly coat each tooth surface for optimal contact and whitening. Once the sessions are complete, you’ll see more even results.


Teeth Whitening at Sachem Dental Group


Adults and older teens can take advantage of our customized professional take home whitening kits. These durable trays are made to last, so you can enjoy whiter teeth for years to come!


Find out if you qualify for teeth whitening and get your impressions made today. Call our Long Island cosmetic dentists to get started.