Still trying to choose the best tooth replacement treatment? Dental bridges are a popular choice. Here are four “perks” to choosing this type of smile restoration option:



1. You Can Quickly Replace a Missing Tooth


Traditional dental bridges can usually be designed and installed within about a two-week turnaround time. Assuming you’ve already had an exam and know you need a dental bridge, the treatment process involves two trips to our Long Island dentist’s office about 10-14 days apart. During the first visit we prep the supporting teeth and take a series of impressions for our lab. From there, the final porcelain bridge is created and then sent back to our office (you’ll wear a temporary in the meantime.) Once the bridge is tried in, we permanently cement it into place. That’s it!


2. Bridges Offer Trusted and Reliable Results


Today’s dental bridges are more durable than ever. Even then, “modern” bridges have been used for hundreds of years. Some variations of dental bridges have been around for as long as 4,000 years, with the ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations using things like bamboo, gold, and silver wire to fill in the gaps created by missing teeth.


Fortunately, we don’t use silver wire and bamboo today. The materials used to design our custom bridges are both attractive and comfortable, allowing us to restore your smile to the level of health it was before you lost your natural tooth.


3. There are No Removable Appliances


Dental bridges are permanently fixed in place. Whether you have a traditional bridge (set on top of a pair of teeth) or implants (for several teeth at a time) you can expect it to stay put. There are no removable partials to take in and out at the end of the day. Nothing slips or rocks and you’ll never need gooey adhesive.


Maybe you were told that you didn’t qualify for a bridge since there were too many teeth missing and that you needed a partial denture. If that’s the case, consider speaking to our Long Island dentists about an implant-supported bridge instead.


4. Bridges Blend in With Your Smile


The handcrafted nature of porcelain dental bridges means we can adjust the shape, shade, and size of each “tooth” to help your smile look whole again. Thanks to the quality of today’s materials, your fixed dental bridge can be both durable and attractive at the same time. Even the edges of the bridge are crafted in such a way that they rest closely against your gums for the perfect tissue “framing” your teeth. When you smile with confidence knowing that your teeth look their best, you’ll be able to focus on being yourself around others.


Dental Bridges in Long Island


Sachem Dental Group offers a variety of dental bridge designs and treatments. From traditional bridges to implant supported designs, our Suffolk County dentists will help you restore your smile to optimal health and function.


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