Family dentistry makes it easy for everyone in your home to see the same oral health providers.

When it comes to your family’s smiles, is there any benefit to bringing everyone to the same general dentist?

Absolutely. In family dentistry, everyone in your household is looked after by the same dental provider. When you choose a family dentist like the ones at our Long Island office, you get to take advantage of numerous benefits, like:

A Family Dentist Has One Convenient Location

Taking your family to the same dentist makes it easy for everyone to be seen by the same provider. You don’t have to drive all over Suffolk County to see a pediatric dentist, cosmetic dentist, or other multi-specialty provider. Every is in one place. So no matter what you or your child needs, we can accommodate them. 

Even if you have a child with special needs or are caring for an elderly family member, Sachem Dental Group is a great place to call home!

A Family Dentist Understands Your Background

When your family goes to the same dentist, we’re able to screen for dental issues that “run in the family,” so to speak.

For instance, parents with a congenitally missing tooth, “bad teeth,” or chronic gum disease may unbeknownst pass that trait or bacteria on to their children. When we have a full picture of your family’s dental background, our Suffolk County dentists can catch minor issues before they have an opportunity to evolve into major ones later on. 

Family Dentistry Accommodates Unique Needs

Unique situations such as medical conditions, past experiences with other dentists, and chronic health needs require attentive care. As a parent or caregiver, you know it’s your job to be the advocate for yourself and your family.

Seeing a family dentist allows you to better communicate those needs with a team who understands where you’re coming from and can continue your course of care for several more years. You won’t have to worry about moving from one office to the next as your family dynamics change or kids “age out” of a pediatric office. Rather, you’ll have years to build up a rapport with people who feel like family. 

Everyone is on the Same Page

Do you ever get tired of repeating yourself over and over again? If you’ve ever been referred to a specialist for treatment, you know that you have to relay information to them on top of the notes that were sent over by your previous doctor. 

At Sachem Dental Group, we do things differently. We’re a multi-specialty and family dental practice where all of the providers are under the same roof. So when you need treatment or a specialized procedure, we already “know” your situation! We work closely together to communicate the specifics of your case, background, goals, and future needs, so that you can sit back and relax. 

Looking for a New Family Dentist in Long Island?

Sachem Dental Group has been serving Suffolk County for over 35 years. It’s not uncommon for kids to grow up with us and come back with families of their own. Call today!