fillings benefits and risks

Small to moderately sized cavities can be removed by our Long Island dentist, and the tooth repaired by placing a composite filling in the void.  Also known as white, tooth-colored, or resin fillings, composite material works very well and has several advantages.

Benefits of White Fillings

You and our Long Island dentist may prefer to use composite to fill your tooth because of this material has the following advantages:

Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Natural Looking

Years ago, amalgam fillings were the go-to solution for repairing teeth.  However, the silver color is very unappealing and the closer to the front of your mouth that the tooth is, the more likely it is to show when you smile.

Since composite fillings are available in a variety of different tooth-colored shades, we choose the one that’ll blend best with your natural tooth color. This is particularly helpful when working on a front tooth that’s visible when you smile because composites are made to look so natural that no one can tell the difference between your real tooth and the filling.

Composites Are Less Invasive on Teeth

Since tooth-colored fillings bond to the teeth and can be molded to fit into small spaces, prepping the tooth to place this filling material is less invasive to the tooth structure than prepping one for a silver filling.

White Fillings Harden Instantly

Immediately after placing and shaping the white filling material, we shine a special blue light on the tooth that cures and hardens the composite instantly in place.

You don’t have to wait for the material to dry and harden on its own as you would with silver fillings.  You can go about your business as usual as soon as you leave the dental chair.

Composites Cause Less Sensitivity

The materials that are found in amalgam fillings are known to sometimes result in more temperature sensitivity in your tooth. Composite materials don’t contain the metal alloy as amalgams do, and since they also provide a tighter fit and a better seal on the tooth, they cause less sensitivity than silver fillings.


Composite Resin is Strong and Durable

Tooth-colored fillings are strong, resilient, and can last for decades without breaking down or needing to be replaced.

Cost-Effective Treatment

Though white fillings do cost slightly more than silver ones, composites are still very cost-effective and worth the price when considering all of their benefits.

Your dental insurance plan will help cover a portion of the cost.  Our insurance coordinators can give you a breakdown of your benefits, but the average percentage that your plan will typically cover is between 50 and 80% of the cost.

Dental Fillings on Long Island

Our Suffolk Country dentist can help you decide if a tooth-colored filling is the best material to repair your cavity with.  Call Sachem Dental Group today to schedule a check-up and see if you’re in need of any dental fillings. Our team of multi-specialty general dentists looks forward to helping you keep your mouth healthy for years to come.