benefits of teeth whitening

Advantages of having your teeth professionally whitened.

With so many teeth whitening products sold online and in stores, is it worth it to have your teeth professionally whitened by a dentist? Absolutely! But don’t take our word for it. Here are four big perks of professional teeth whitening systems compared to using an over-the-counter option.



Better Teeth Whtiening Results


There are certain types of products you can buy online and in stores. And then there are professional-grade versions that you can only access through a licensed provider. Teeth whitening is one of them. Although many brands will say that they have the same ingredients as professional teeth whitening, they’re at lower concentrations.


Since professional gels are highly concentrated, they allow for better oxidation of stain particles in your tooth enamel. It’s not uncommon to see the same improvement in a couple of days using a take-home professional system as you would with a week of commercial whitening strips. But no matter how many products you buy at a store, you won’t be able to achieve the same level of white as you do from one of our Suffolk County teeth whitening treatments.


Save Time


Why wear whitening strips for two weeks every other month, when you could wear a whitening tray for a few days twice a year? Once you finish a 10-14 day whitening system with take-home trays or go for a same-day whitening session, it’s easy to maintain your results in the future. You won’t have to keep buying and re-applying a weaker whitening treatment to try to keep your smile bright.


When you choose to go with a same-day whitening treatment, you’re seeing the full results of professional teeth bleaching in just a single appointment.


Save Money w/Professional Teeth Whitening


If you think that purchasing a “more affordable” teeth whitening kit online or in a store will save you money, think again. A lot of people have to use 2-3 times the amount of commercial products to see a fairly significant difference in their whitening results. Plus, you’re re-purchasing a system every time you need to touch up. Instead, it’s more cost-effective to use one of our take-home systems and just purchase a refill tube of whitening gel whenever yours runs out (which might only be once every year or so.)



Teeth Whitening is Great as a Stand-Alone Service


Hoping to give your smile a boost? Professional teeth whitening may be the only cosmetic dentistry treatment that you need. In fact, a lot of people jump-start their Long Island smile makeover with a whitening treatment. Some of them choose to stop right there, while others go on to complement their teeth with other types of aesthetic services.


When your teeth are relatively healthy and already fairly straight, teeth whitening may be the only cosmetic treatment you need for a dazzling new smile. Erasing years of stain and natural discoloration transforms even the healthiest teeth into an amazing accessory that you’ll get to show off everywhere you go.


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