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Routine, preventative pediatric dentistry and preventative care are some of the best tools for your child to avoid cavities, dental emergencies, and toothaches. When our Long Island dentists see your child on a routine basis, we’re better equipped to screen for and intercept dental problems while they’re smaller and easier to treat. But just how often should you schedule your children’s checkups?


Children’s Checkups Every Six Months


Just like adults, children need to see the dentist for an exam and cleaning every six months. In fact, most dental insurance plans cover cleanings and exams for kids twice a year. These preventative appointments drastically reduce your child’s chances of major dental needs, because it allows for addressing issues during the formative stages.


Some of the steps we take during a six-month checkup include a comprehensive exam, cleaning, polish, fluoride application, and sealant treatments (if applicable.)


If your child is in braces, they might even benefit from more frequent cleanings.


What Pediatric Dentistry Experts Suggest


Pediatric dentists, pediatricians, and dental experts recommend that children see a dentist for their first exam around the time their first tooth erupts (or when they turn one year old.) While these early visits are more educational, they do allow our Suffolk County dentists to screen for concerns that could affect your child’s speech, oral development, and future jaw growth.


Reducing Dental Anxiety


Dental phobia affects about 1 in 3 adults. It can also rub off on children if their parents are anxious or afraid of the dentist. Fortunately, early and positive experiences in the dental office can help to minimize dental anxiety. Since most children’s dental checkups are preventative and gentle in nature, they allow young children to experience dental care in a positive light. When your child associates dentistry with something fun and non-confrontational, they’ll be more excited about their trips to our office.


Early and routine children’s checkups are an integral part of minimizing dental phobia.


If your child’s only interaction with the dentist is because of tooth pain or emergencies, they’ll link those experiences to dentistry overall. Regular checkups can help prevent that from happening.


Preventing Dental Emergencies


Most dental emergencies are preventable. But the key is to identify warning signs early. For instance, our Long Island dentists might need to make you aware of a small cavity in your child’s tooth that we observe during their exam. But if your child doesn’t see us for regular checkups, that small cavity can quickly evolve into a painful dental abscess a few months later.


The modest time investment in a regular six-month checkup could potentially save your child from pain as well as thousands of dollars in dental treatments because of an injury.


Pediatric Dentistry in Suffolk County


Our Long Island multi-specialty dental practice offers complete smile care for all ages—including children. If your child is due for their first checkup or it’s been more than six months since their last visit, contact our practice today to reserve an appointment.