Thinking about whitening your teeth? With so many popular at-home whitening kits available online and at the drugstore, you may be wondering, “Does over-the-counter whitening work as well as treatments from my dentist?”


Although many popular commercial whitening kits do help with tooth staining, they’re simply not as strong or effective as what you would see with a professional system. Here’s why:


Commercial Whitening Kits Don’t “Custom” Fit for Full Coverage


A set of custom whitening trays hugs every curve and contour of your smile. As such, the gel is evenly applied across each tooth for consistent and smooth results.


Over-the-counter whitening systems are “one size” and only semi-customizable. In turn, the whitening ingredients tend to skip over many of the surfaces. Over several days, this application system can cause certain surfaces to whiten at different rates than others. The result is splotchy, uneven coloration across the front of your teeth.


The Strength of the Gel That’s Used


The easiest way to compare commercial vs. professional whitening gels is to consider over-the-counter medications and how they compare to prescription drugs. Sometimes the same ingredients are used, but the concentrations are much stronger in one than the other.


Although it’s not the same thing as a whitening system, you can see the similarities. Over-the-counter products will have ingredients that are not as potent as what can be administered directly by your dentist. One of the reasons for this is because someone with unhealthy teeth or gums could potentially use the system and experience unwanted side effects.


All whitening gels from Sachem Dental Group come in unique solutions with concentrated levels for optimal stain removal. Whether you have sensitive teeth or more aggressive tooth discoloration, we can help you select the professional ingredients that offer the best results. In the end, you’ll see whiter teeth and faster results.


Long Term Maintenance (Hidden Added Costs)


Let’s say you see mild enough results from an over-the-counter kit that you’re content with the results. Over time, every teeth whitening patient will need to touch up their smile. It’s natural for food and drink stain to accumulate after a few months. But if you’re using a commercial system, you have to buy a brand new kit every time you want to touch up. After a few kits, you reach a point where you’re spending more on “budget” teeth whitening than you would for a professional system.


On the other hand, our Long Island professional bleaching trays last for years. Simply store the syringe of whitening gel in your refrigerator and touch up as needed. When you run out, stop by our office to purchase a refill tube. You may only need a refill once every year or so.


Teeth Whitening Kits in Long Island


Sachem Dental Group can help you enjoy a whiter, brighter, healthier-looking smile in no time. Safely enhance the appearance of your teeth with one of our professional teeth whitening systems. Save time, save money, get better results. Call our Suffolk County cosmetic dentists today to find out if you qualify!