Smart ways to speed up Invisalign treatment.

Now that you’ve settled on getting Invisalign in Long Island, you probably want to know if it’s possible to speed up the process (and see results even quicker!)


Although it’s never recommended to change your aligners out sooner than directed (in reality, doing so can cause permanent damage) there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the fastest results.



1. Keep Your Appointments to Speed Up Invisalign Results


You’ll only need to see our Suffolk County Invisalign providers for about 10-15 minutes every other month. Unfortunately, putting your appointment off or canceling it at the last minute can cause your results to be delayed, interfering with your mission to speed up Invisalign treatment. When you’re not able to progress to the next set of aligners, your tooth movement will stall.



2. Wear Your Trays at Least 20 Hours Per Day


Not wearing your Invisalign aligners for as long as you’re supposed to may seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but it will delay your treatment. Your teeth need to have consistent pressure on them throughout the day in order to move properly. If the trays come off on a frequent basis for a long amount of time, your teeth will want to keep shifting back to their previous location. Too much back-and-forth can damage their roots and cause relapse.



3. Consider Cosmetic (Short-Term) Braces


Short term Invisalign is an aesthetic focused treatment that only straightens the front teeth that are visible when you smile. That means it doesn’t have to spend additional time lining up your back teeth. People who opt for Invisalign Express can usually complete their experience in around six months. However, it’s not for everyone. You’ll still need to have a fairly healthy biting relationship in your back teeth before electing to get accelerated braces.



4. Ask About Acceleration Devices


Not everyone qualifies for orthodontic acceleration, but it does work for some people. These types of devices are worn over your Invisalign braces to pulse thousands of tiny vibrations across your teeth for about 15-20 minutes per day. The theory is that the more the tiny ligaments around your teeth are stimulated, the quicker they’ll facilitate tooth movement and bone remodeling to speed up Invisalign treatment. However, many Invisalign experts still advise caution when using such devices, as they may require more frequent re-mapping or possible changes in your treatment plan.



5. Change Your Trays Out as Directed


Progressing to your next set of Invisalign trays ahead of schedule may seem like an easy way to shave time off of your orthodontic treatment plan and speed up Invisalign treatment. However, orthodontists and Invisalign experts recommend against this practice. Even taking a day or two off of each two-week cycle can lead to serious side effects like relapse, bone damage, root resorption, and having to re-plan the entire orthodontic case from scratch.



Get a Custom Invisalign Plan


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