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One of the reasons why routine dental checkups are so important is because most oral health concerns are preventable. With routine screenings, exams, and professional cleanings, we can help you lower your risk of common ailments such as tooth decay and bone loss.


But what if you could take that preventative care process a step further? You can, thanks to continual advancements in various screening technology.


Technology and Earlier Diagnosis = Less Invasive Treatment


Dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease are best treated as early as possible. With decay, it can be challenging to spot cavities on your own before they evolve into large, deep cavities. Diagnostic, low-radiation digital X-rays help us to screen for the earliest signs of a cavity in spaces that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Like between your teeth or deep within the chewing surfaces.


When suspicious lesions are pinpointed early, they may actually be in the “reversible” stage. A re-vamped oral hygiene routine with prescription-strength fluoride could eliminate demineralization before it breaks through the outer layer of your tooth structure. But if the cavity has already reached that point in your tooth, our Long Island dentists can place an extremely small filling in that area. Conservative white fillings help preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible before the decay can spread elsewhere. The early diagnosis also facilitates a more affordable treatment plan.


Better Technology = Less Time in the Dental Office


As much as we love to see our patients, we understand that the dental office isn’t most people’s first choice of places to visit. When you do require treatment, you probably want the process to go as quickly as possible (without jeopardizing quality, of course.)


Fortunately, we can significantly streamline your care experience when we incorporate newer pieces of dental technology. Digital X-rays alone can save as much as 10 or 15 minutes during your new patient or recurring comprehensive exam. Plus, if we need to send anything off to your dental insurance, we can easily attach a secured copy of your digital image to support other clinical notes.


An Enhanced View of What’s Going on in Your Mouth


Remember the old saying, “knowledge is power”? The more we know about your mouth and the better we can manage changes from one visit to the next, the quicker you’ll be aware of anything going on that shouldn’t. And if you do need treatment, enhanced imaging and technology will provide better accuracy throughout the restorative experience.


For instance, we may want to place dental implants to restore your full upper arch. But a few years ago, you visited an implant dentist and they told you that you didn’t qualify for treatment. If we were to take a 3D scan of your mouth — being able to see an extra dimension of your bone anatomy — that may not necessarily be the case. Sometimes technology is all that’s needed to clear you for the best treatment possible.


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